A wristband, a pendant, a coin: OonionRing is the invisible wire that links you to the people, pets and things you care the most.

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Unaware Antennas

When a OonionRing goes too far away from the app which it has been paired to, the user may activate the Crowd Searching function. In this mode of operation all the other apps will become unaware antennas: whenever the lost OonionRing enters the scope of an app, its position will be notified to the seeker. In any way the unaware antenna app will know that the a lost OonionRing is nearby.

Data Ownership

The data we collect are property of their respective users who can ask for complete removal at any time. These may include personal details, ICE phone numbers and health information. Under certain circumstances and only if the user has previously granted access, these data may be shared with third parties.

Third Parties

Emergency medical services staff and Police officers can access user’s data, for example in case of car accident. Shops which join the Oonionverse community become ORPs (Oonion Rescue Point): if a child using the OonionRing enters the shop asking for help, the seeker may grant them access to her phone number, after being notified of the rescue.

Crowd Searching

When a OonionRing device moves away from the user, the app change the alert level. Based user’s notification preferences for the device, the app warns the user when the OonionRing goes out of reach. In case of loss, user may activate the Crowd Searching feature: whenever the OonionRing enters the scope of an app, its position will be notified to the seeker. In any way the app will know that the a lost OonionRing is nearby (unaware antenna).


OonionRing is a wireless device capable of emitting a WiFi signal that the app OonionRing converts to an approximate distance from your location.

How it works

OonionRing only transmits its unique identifier (no data relating to the wearer are available) and uses our fixed HotSpot network for an accurate geolocation. In addition to creating an invisible bond with people, animals and objects you care the most, this device is also a great way to help others at no cost! If someone ask the Oonionverse to start a Group Search, you app and all the others instantly become unaware antennas, transmitting information in case the lost device shows up into their range.


Designing and deploying a device which joins together different technologies, with great concern about consumption, dimension and materials is not an easy task. From prototypes to prototypes, we believe we have succeeded in reaching satisfying results in performances, functional characteristic (the OonionRing is water proof IP67) and from the aesthetic point of view. Moreover the integration with the App has been a complication and a challenge at the same time: WiFi, optimizing scan frequency, minimalistic user interface and many others have all been addressed with enthusiasm and expertise.


Quando un dispositivo OonionRing si allontana dall’utente, l’app modifica il livello di allerta. In base alle preferenze di notifica del dispositivo, l’app avvisa l’utente quando l’OonionRing esce fuori dal campo di azione. In caso di smarrimento, è possibile attivare la Ricerca di Gruppo: quando un OonionRing smarrito entra nel raggio d’azione di un’altra app, questa funzionerà da antenna inconsapevole e l’utente riceverà una notifica con l’attuale posizione del dispositivo.


OonionRing is equipped with a CC3200 chip, which represents a good trade off between performances and power consumption. In our lab we keep on testing other solutions to exploit state of the arts new devices.


An efficient chip, a mechanical accelerometer and a power management algorithm. OonionRing battery duration has been our main concern since the first prototypes. And the results are awesome.


Unlike other solutions, OonionRing relies upon WiFi technology which guarantees first class security standard, greater reliability on far distances and lower latency. In perspective, higher bandwidth and bitrate allow to envision interesting future developments.